Johnsan and friends climb a 300ft Douglas fir

What a great summer present. John Gathright head of Treeclimbing Japan and two Japanese Tree Doctors. Kawajiri san and Yasudasan left Japan to attend the ISA Tree Climbing Championships in Seattle USA and to meet our good friends. Peter Jenkins TCI founder and the New Tribe Family. ( who make great Tree Climbing Gear and wonderful friends).

While we were visiting their booth at the ISA Trade Show, we were pleasantly surprised with and introduction to Scotty by Viola from New Tribe. Scotty is a treeclimber extrodinare having climbed 1000fs of Giant trees for research and pleasure. Sharing the same passion for trees and love of forests, our conversation became very animated and exciting. Scotty invited me and our two Japanese Tree Doctors to climb together in a small patch of old growth with 300ft. Douglas firs.

Viola a very accomplished climber, would help lead the party, accompanied by her partner Russell. ( camp cook, story teller and all round good guy).

The rest of the story can be told in the pictures. It was beautiful climb sleep over and chance to culitivate deeper treeclimber friendships.

Yours JOHN