1000 year old Hinoki Tree

Hinoki is a very revered and sacred Tree for Japanese. To find such a wonderful tree on the top of a mountain ridge was a wonderful treat. As I climbed I could read the tree story in her bark and branches.

For the past 1000 years this wonderful tree was blasted by high winds and freezing blizzards. Baked in Hot summers. A typhoon broke her in Half hundreds of years ago. But she never gave up she kept growing and spreading her branches out to shade and protect the other trees behind her.

Just a short 50 meters away there are 3 other bid Hinoki but they are not nearly as majestic, sacred looking as this hinoki.

Living on the easy side did not sculpture them into God Like Trees but left them clones to all the other trees in the forest.

I have never met a 1000 year old person but I have know very well many elderly people who surpassed their 100th. birthday...Those with live of challenge and adversity have a similar majestic and awe inspiring Constance. I too want to live my life on the edge and facing all the elements.

Yours JOHN