Masami a triathlon athlete and Koko a natural born climber came up to the Treetop Club house excited to climb for the first time. Not only was it going to be their first treeclimbing experience, but they were to be the first women ever to tree climb in Japan. Today they wanted to challenge Magic Fingers which is an old Japanese Oak located behind the TREETOP CLUB HOUSE, home of Treeclimbing Japan. All geared up we made the trek to Magic Fingers. (This particular tree was given the name Magic Fingers because her branches spread out high above the forest floor like healing hands).
Masami, at first was a little nervous about heights and was humbled by the first 30 foot pitch, but not Koko, she was raring to go. Before each climb it is our ritual to hug the tree and  thank her for lending us her branches. Now with full DRT and a Dan House Rope Sleeve we were ready to get vertical. Three throw lines were tossed up into the sweetest of climbing spots. 
Masami caught on right away and had enough energy to giggle, laugh and tickle Koko on her way up. I just basked in their excitement. Koko was busy keeping out of Masami's reach while balancing into a treeboat, which is similar to a hammock only in the canopy of a tree.

Finally, the 3 of us were out on a limb in Japan! We were no longer earth bound, it was a though  we were flying! Koko and Masami felt like they were on top of the world! The girls were making treeclimbing history....


Thank you to Peter Jenkins and all the Climbers at T.C.I. you for making treeclimbing come alive.