Kanto Climb
Hi Everyone..  We had a wonderful Climb in Yokohama..
New Climbers are sprouting up in the Forests of kodomonokuni...  In the Early Morning Before everyone Arrived I did some loving cuts to take out the dead wood and widow maker branches....  It was a great Day... Even though we didn't have any Children Climbers we did not lack KIDS... As soon as everyone was on line we were all Children.. TreeClimbing brings out the child in us all...
It was a great day and everyone is excited about become instructors and holding regular events at the Kodomo no Kuni!
We had such a riot can't imagine what will happen when we add children!
Our plans are to tame some trees and grow some instructors over the next few months..... So we can open up in Tokyo Area...
Our Saitama Climb was great too!
Saitama Shinrin Koen is one of the most prestigious National Parks in Japan.. So we were so excited when they agreed to let us hold Climbing events in their grounds.. We are not allowed to even break a dead limb pick up dead wood around the trees...  So it is a great chance for us to learn extra respect for the Forests and nature.... 
We still had a riot though... Firewood Co. and Fujita-sans friends with the help of Goto and Nishi Hashi made for a fun time....  And Utsumi San from the Park was a great support and friend....
We look forward to growing in Saitama as well....  Respecting the forests and Making Treefriends is what we do best..
We also just had a Climb in Mie Prefecture... The City of Mie and Kodomo no Shiro.. Park head   Mr.  Ono san were great hosts... They would like like to have 100 instructors trained in their facility over the next Ten Years.. They are making preparations for Events and cooperations with the Ministry of Forestry and Parks....  Wow.. We have some work ahead of us now! 
We also had a great Tokyo Big Site Climb where we used an Indoor Man made tree!  Full story coming soon...stay tuned.
Saitama Climb
Kodomo Climb