Have you ever had the thrill of finding the perfect place to pitch your tent? Tenting is wonderful, but once you have treeboated you will never go back! Imagine slumbering while floating in the trees surrounded by nature. Simply choose a spot in a beautiful tree to dock your treeboat and then enjoy the breeze, view, aroma and sense of adventure surrounding you.

The pictures shown are from Koko's first time setting up a treeboating site. We reached our destination at dusk, then climbed the tree using our miner's lights to find just the right spot to dock the tree boats. Our treetop camp was set up in only twenty minutes, after which we relaxed and chatted until falling asleep.

With a song in our hearts we awoke in our perches overwhelmed by our connection to nature. The morning sun filtered through the green canopy as we enjoyed the view and appreciated our cleverness in choosing the perfect place to camp. 40 kilometers in the distance lay the city of Nagoya with its polluted sky and noisy streets. Cities are beautiful when viewed from on high and far away!

We soon joined our companions the "landlubbers" harbored in a tent pegged to the spongy undergrowth beneath our trees. The night before it had taken an hour to set up the campsite for Hiroko and the young boys (aged 3 and 5) who had chosen to spend the night on the ground. They will soon enjoy the feeling of tree top camping and its replenishing, peaceful rewards.