TreeClimbing Japan is up and Growing. From small seeds grow great trees TCJ is starting to branch out. We would like to welcome our new branches in Kyushu and Aomori.
Our Staff has expanded to 25 and our Treehab activities have really taken off. This June we will become an official NPO enabling us to spend more time and efforts in working with our Challenge Climbers.

We would like to offer special thanks to all of our Staff and Toshiko Hikosaka for all of their support and efforts to encourage our new Challenge Climbers. Toshiko Hikosaka will be Climbing to the Top of the Stagg tree in California this July 30-August 5th.

She will be the first physically Challenged Person to climb an 80 meter tree and spend the night in the top. Thanks to her efforts and example we have had the opportunity to help 33 Challenge Climbers into the Treetops.

After Toshiko returns from the Sequoia Climb we will be helping Yumi to fulfill her dream of Climbing to the Top of a 1000 year old Japanese Hinoki before she tries to climb to the top of A giant Australian Gun Tree. ( We are presently looking for an Australian Connection to help with the logistics and planning.)

Yumi and Toshi

Toshiko Hikosaka is young at 59 and Yumi is mature at 22 they are two wonderful women and turning into great climbers.