Miso Barrel Treehouse
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This is Story about our Tree House written by our 9 year old son... To learn more about the TreeHouse  Click the link to Johnsan.net  and then go to the English Button.


Three years ago two boys their Mom and Dad moved into a Miso Barrel Treehouse in the heart of a Japanese National Park in Seto Japan. The Father loved nature and thought that trees were friends.  He had a dream to build a livable treehouse using recycled Miso Barrels and telephone poles.

Many people couldn't understand the Dad because Miso Barrels are very stinky and telephone poles very brittle. Everyone thought that with all the typhoons and earthquakes in Japan that a treehouse would never survive. Many people said that the treehouse would smell so bad because of the old stinky barrels that no one would come to visit.

Carpenters thought the family was crazy and the bank said they wouldn't lend them any money for a monkey house made of garbage. As soon as they started to build the house many big  laws and scary building codes came tumbling at them.

After many days the family became very discouraged because no one would help them and Dad was almost ready to cry. As he leaned back against a big tall tree, suddenly, a small breeze blew and all around him the forest came to life. The leaves rustled and said don't cry treehouse family, we are your friends. We will lend you our strong branches to support your home. Then little birds flew down and said we will sing to you every morning to bring happiness into your lives. Even the squirrels help encourage the family so they decided to start to build their dream. Dad and his Canadian friend Kevin, who was as big as a bear and also loved the forest, agreed to help. The treehouse project was started.

One day a Japanese carpenter heard about the Miso Barrel Treehouse. He brought his tools and said: "Many people have forgotten how important it is to live a dream. Many people have forgotten that trees are friends and so they cut them all down to make houses. I am an old carpenter, I have never built a treehouse but I would like to try. Can I help?" The treehouse family was so happy, they hugged and thanked the carpenter, the trees and the forest.

Soon after the treehouse was started many folks heard about it and came to see and marvel at huge barrels in the trees. People that loved the forest and it's trees and wanted to share in the dream, asked if they could help. All types of people, from little children to elderly people, government workers to Buddhist priests.They were not the only ones to come to the treehouse, small forest friends joined in the fun and sang and cheered as everyone worked to build the house.

Everyone brought their own dreams and talents and the Miso Barrel Treehouse grew into a wonderful treehouse. Now, more and more Miso Barrel Treehouses have been started in Japan. People are starting to realize the joy of living with the forest instead of cutting down the trees. The treehouse family is now teaching nature games and treeclimbing to many people in Japan. One day all people will love the forests and make many trees and animals friends.