1. In 1997 Tree Climbing Japan was born with the desire to help physically disabled persons leave their wheelchairs and challenge themselves to Climb Big Trees.  Our Mission is to provide  non-discriminating, fun and challenging tree friendly activities, for people of all ages, nationalities, gender, physical and mental abilities.
  2. Our programs include Rehabilitative Tree Climbing , Tree Climbing Therapy, Forest Hospital Project, Sleeping Tree Project ( Rehabilitation for Trees) ,Barrier Free Hearts and Forest  Families.


We believe: Trees are our Friends, in the Forests we are All Family.   


Tree Climbing Japan- Recreational Branch           

TreeHab- Rehabilitation, Tree Therapy/ Research Branch.

Barrier Free Hearts and Forests -the Roots of our Organization.


Treehab is a word coined from Trees and Rehabilitation. Treehab was born on a cool spring day 1997 when a group of disabled children visited the Miso Barrel Treehouse. Treehab was later immortalized by Hikosaka Toshiko's dream to Climb the Largest Tree in the World.   The birth place of Treehab is the Soya Barrel Treehouse in a tiny village, nestled in a Japanese National Park .  

Treehab was founded by John Gathright ecologist, essayist, and enviro/social media commentator. John Gathright through working with disabled and disadvantaged persons at the Miso Barrel Tree house realized the need for an official TreeHab Organization.

Treehab is active in research and discovering new and better methods and programs under our TreeTherapy, Forest Hospital Program. Members of the Treehab  team are:


Founder John Gathright,

Kawjiri Hideki@   Tree Doctor/ Treehab Director,

Dr. Yozo Yamada,

Toshiko Hikosaka   Treehab Advisor 

Akaike Manabu      Universal Design intelligence, Barrier Free Expert,  

Hota Masumi        Education and Government Programs Coordinator,

Kawazoi Kazumi     Director for Parks and Recreation,

Researchers and Students from Nagoya University

Challenge Tree Climbers.     


April 2000 TreeClimbing Japan  New Building Dedicated, TreeClimbing Japan Officially Opened her Doors to the Public.  Peter Jenkins founder of Tree Climbers International was invited for the Opening Ceremonies. Summer 2001 Tree Climbing Japan and Treehab became registered NPO's. 

Tree Climbing Japan has a certification program for Tree Climbers and Facilitators. Tree Climbing Japan Facilitators have been trained in Technical Tree Climbing, Adaptive Tree Climbing, First Aid, Risk Management, Tree and Forest Ecology and Light Dead Branch Pruning.

  Those who choose to instruct and lead in Treehab programs have further experience and training pertaining to the Special Needs of our Challenge Tree Climbers. 

Tree Climbing Japan has over 265 certified  Tree Climbers and Facilitators with 7 branches throughout Japan Through the combined efforts of Tree Climbing Japan / Treehab and all of our supporters, we have been able to help close to  10,000 people of all different abilities tree climb and participate in forest rejuvenation projects.


 Founders Message.

 Throughout the History of TreeHab and Tree Climbing Japan we have encountered many obstacles and challenges from government agencies, concerned doctors, city officials, parks officials, insurance agencies and many others. In retrospect we appreciate the concern of many people about the worth, validity and safety of our programs. Those concerns and our ability to overcome numerous obstacles and challenges directly contributed to our growth. We are now proud and exuberated by all of the cooperation, support that we  receive.

We appreciate the efforts of so many who have helped us to gain national and even international recognition for our Programs and Special Tree Climbers.

As Founder of Tree Climbing Japan and Treehab NPO.  I would like to personally express my gratitude and appreciation to all of the Dedicated and Devoted People who have helped us to Grow. I would like to give my fullest respect, admiration, and love to the Challenge Climbers and Families who have sacrificed their time, efforts and bodies. Thank you for sharing your dreams, joy and enthusiasm with us as we climb to new heights.

With Humility and Gratitude  John Gathright.