Tree Climbing Japan is Dedicated to Teaching Tree Friendly, Safe Tree Climbing for Recreation, Research and Rehabilitation.
Tree Climbing Japan was founded to help Physically Challenged Persons over-come pain, depression and increase mobility, through Specially Adapted Tree Climbing Programs.  Our programs include, not only tree climbing but nature appreciation,  relaxation, and environmental education. TCJ also combines Tree Climbing with forest rejuvenation activities.
History of Tree Climbing Japan
1997 Summer

Hikosaka Toshiko a severely physically challenged 57 years ( Lady), visited Founder John Gathright's Home. ( Miso Barrel TreeHouse)  Toshiko, shared her dream of Climbing a Huge Tree. John a SRT  Tree Climber offered to help her dream come true.

In order for Toshiko to utilize her limited body mobility and to gain the strength necessary to Tree Climb by  herself, special adaptive tree climbing techniques would have to be utilized.
1998 Early Summer, Founder John Gathright visited Peter Jenkins founder of Tree Climbers International to learn recreational tree climbing techniques.  Peter Jenkins provided a wealth of information, advice and encouragement.  John Gathright returned to Japan and with a team of dedicated volunteers created Treehab. (adaptive tree climbing techniques that would gradually increase her strength and mobility)
1998 Late summer,  Using Specially Adapted Tree Climbing Techniques Toshiko Climbed her first tree. The joy of her success spawned the idea to create Tree Climbing Japan to help physically challenged persons, and their families safely tree climb. As popularity increased Tree Climbing Japan started holding small tree climbing events for recreation and fun.
2000 April, Tree Climbing Japan officially opened the first Tree Climbing School in Japan. Peter Jenkins ( TCI ) was invited for our Opening. 
2001 Summer, Tree Climbing Japan was able to help Toshiko Hikosaka become the first Physically Challenged Tree Climber to Climb to the Top of the Stagg Tree. (80 meters) and spend the night.  Her climb was documented in the Smithsonian Magazine March 2002.
2001 Fall,  Tree Climbing Japan created Treehab NPO  a non profit organization dedicated to helping physically challenged persons climb trees. TreeHab is a coined word to describe Tree Climbing Rehabilitation and Therapy.  
2002- Mid 2003. Tree Climbing Japan has seen great growth.  TCJ has been able to help over 9,000 people from age 4 to 82 tree climb.  TreeHab tree climbing rehabilitation and Tree Therapy programs endorsed by the city of Nagoya under the Forest Hospital Program. Tree Climbing Japan works in coordination with the Japanese Parks and Ministry of Forests creating and implementing Recreational and Rehabilitation Tree Climbing. TCJ continues to create friends associations with tree climbers world wide.
2003 Winter, John Gathright Founder of Tree Climbing Japan and Treehab, create the Forest Hospital-Tree Therapy Program with Dr. Yozo Yamada at the Japanese National University of Nagoya. John is actively perusing his doctorate in Forest Science (Eco-Rehabilitation and Tree Climbing Therapy) at Nagoya University Japan.   John starts the World Heritage Tree Top project in Kumano Kodo Wakayama Japan. (Photographing and Documenting Ancient Old Growth and Sacred Trees)
 2003-2004Tree Climbing Japan sees rapid growth. Dec. 2003 Tree Climbing Japan Opens Saitama office to coordinate 260 Tree Climbing Staff.  TreeHab received Nagoya City support to start the Forest Hospital Project.  Dec. 2003 Tree Climbing Japan to celebrate 10,000 Tree Climbing Participants at the Miso Barrel TreeHouse in Seto. 

2004 John and Toshiko are excited about their plans  to climb another Giant Tree this time in the Southern Hemisphere.  

For any Questions about Tree Climbing TreeHab or Activities please contact Tree Climbing Japan. 0561-86-8686 Fax 0561-86-8787) Web site http://www.treeclimbingjapan.org/ 
If you are interested in Having John Gathright, Kawajiri san or any of our other directors give speeches, interviews, or TV appearance please contact.. Office Mr.John

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