Life is too valuable to use second rate gear!   

 Tree Climbing Japan strives to use the best Tree Climbing Gear available.  Tree Climbing Japan also develops and creates special gear for the individual needs of our Challenge and Disabled Tree Climbers.  We are grateful for the help of engineers and Specialists who have helped us create some of our Gear.   A special Thanks goes to the Hard Work and Efforts of Arbor Quest Unlimited and New Tribe in developing the Torso Unit for Parapeligic tree climbers. 

We also appreciate our Eco efforts by such inventors as Dan House for the House Sleeve and our Friend Katchin who developed the Pet Bottle Throwline!  

We can provide all the gear for tree climbing for a nominal fee and can assist in purchasing private gear. We also provide books, manuals, periodicals and treeclimbing information on the latest news world wide.
Recreational treeclimbers range in age from 3 to 88 years old. Both female and male can climb trees with equal ability and grace. Physically challenged persons can enjoy tree climbing too.
We highly recommend the following contacts. You are welcome to order directly or we will order for you including a small handling charge.
New Tribe Gear

We really appreciate the invention of Dan House Sleeves.

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