World Tree Climber

This is a Special Level Reserved for those Tree Climbers Who Have Proved themselves to be International Tree Climbers who's efforts have been instrumental in making world change and helping forest world wide.
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Advanced Tree Climber
This Level is to recognize someone with vast tree climbing experience and mastered various Tree Climbing Skills. Advanced Tree Climbers are skilled at Many different methods of tree entry and Tree Top Camping, Rigging, Rescue, Big Tree and World Tree Climbing.  Advanced Tree Climbers have experience leading Tree Climbing Expeditions and Camps.  We encourage our Advanced Tree Climbers to study and learn about Japanese and Forest wild life and be active in environmental preservations and forest friendly work.
Tree Climbing Instructor
Tree Climbing Instructors are Tree Climbers who have demonstrated Tree Climbing Skills. We also have gained the necessary skills to share tree climbing in a kind, fun and professional manner. Tree Climbing Instructors have learned First Aid and People Skills. They are experienced in helping people who a little nervous for their first time tree climbing, and those with physical challenges. They are also experienced at organizing and holding Tree Climbing Events, Work Shops, and Skill Testing. We are very proud of our Instructors.
Tree Climber
The Climber course is for Basic Tree Climbers who have gained experience and practiced there basic DRT skills. After having confidence and experience and mastering those skills the Tree Climber Course teaches more advanced Tree Anatomy,  Big Shot and Advanced Tree Entry, Single Rope Techniques, Transverse, Tree Top Rigging and Camping,  and Rescue. After learning these skills and lots of practice low and slow. Tree Climbers will have the skills to Climb deciduous, Coniferous tree all over the world.  Tree Climbers are also welcome to Join Tree Climbing Japans overseas Tree Climbing Adventures, Special Japanese Big Tree Tours. Tree Climbers are always encouraged to climb in groups. These skills are for personal use and not teaching others.
Basic Tree Climber
This course teaches basic  tree knowledge  for judging safe and healthy trees.  It also teaches the most basic and safe tree climbing system Double Rope Technique.  Basic Tree Climbers will learn how to use and choose proper Tree Climbing Ropes and Gear. They will learn how to hand thow a line and pouch into the tree tops and set up tree and people safe climbing system. They will also know basic knots and techniques that will not harm the trees but allow them to explore and walk the tree tops and the forests.  After finishing the Basic Climber Course Basic Tree Climbers will have the skills to climb almost any Diciferous Tree in Japan. These skills are for personal use and for group tree climbing with other Tree Climbers.
Treehab Tree Climber
We also welcome Physically Challenged Persons to join our Tree Climbing. Tree Climbing Japan is proud of our Physically Challenged Tree Climbers. We have a number of wonderful Challenge Tree Climbers who climb with us. One of our Physically Challengers Toshiko Hikosaka was the first Physically Challenged Person in the World to Climb 80 meters to the top of a Giant Sequoia and spend the night with our TCJ team. 
"I Climbed A Big Tree"

1st time Climbers