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Tree Climbing Japan 
Seto Aichi, Japan 480-1201


PHONE: 81- (0) 561-86-8080 ( Japanese)  English 81-561-48-8030 
FAX: 81 (0) 561-86-8580
Tree Climbing Japan Supports NPO's
Tree Climbing Japan believes in helping people and the earth. Tree Climbing Japan has created and sponsors Treehab. An NPO that is dedicated to helping physically challenged persons climb the biggest trees in the worlds. Treehab's efforts have been recognized world wide by such organizations as the Smithonian Magazine, NBC TV. America. NHK. TOKYO NEWS, JAPAN TIMES, ACTION ASIA,  ASAHI NEW, CHUNICHI NEW, GEO WORLD, MAKE A WISH, to name afew  Treehab also have active support in America Canada and Denmark.
Tree Climbing Japan works closely with many different organizations.  Including the Ministry of Forestry and Parks, Ministry of Education, Many different Schools and Volunteer groups and Organizations including Scouting and Girl Scouts. We also have Tree Doctors and Forests Experts, Education Experts, and Universal Design and Ecological Living Experts as Directors if we do not know anything about forests or holding events or working with people we will do our best to help find someone that does. 
For any Questions about Tree Climbing TreeHab or Activities please contact Tree Climbing Japan. 0561-86-8080 Fax 0561-86-8580) Web site 
If you are interested in Having John Gathright, Kawajiri san or any of our other directors give speeches, interviews, or TV appearance please contact.. Office Mr. John..81- (0)561-48-8030

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